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Bobby L.
John took the time to explain in detail what's going on and the process to address the elevated radon readings. He offers a guarantee and is willing to do whatever it takes to get your radon levels to a level that's comfortable for you and your family in your home. Work was done clean and professionally. Will recommend to others.
David G.
John was easy to work with and explained our system to us well. He did a nice job 👍
Rebecca H.
John did a great job! He was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Not to mention the system was installed in a day. Our radon level went from 6 to .035! Would highly recommend him for any radon system needs.
Hanna E.
We loved working with John! He was quick to respond and do the work we needed. He explained the process to us and was so gracious when we made a mistake that cost him extra time and an additional trip. Absolutely would recommend him to everyone!
Chad D. M.
My spouse and I are in the process of purchasing a home from afar. John's services as a home inspector were highly recommend to us by a few folks in Lindsborg. Having now working with John, I see why! John was thorough, professional, and conscientious throughout the inspection process. He kept at the front of his mind throughout the inspection that we would be viewing his report from a distance, and he took additional steps to ensure that we had a full and fair picture of the property. For example, John took photos of every issue he encountered - large or small - to include in the report. He even brought a thermal imaging camera to take photos showing the temperature of the hot water in the sinks and shower and a thermostat to show the temperature of the air coming from the heating and cooling vents. In addition to preparing a thorough report, John's customer service was excellent. He took the time to walk us through the report over the phone and answer any and all questions we had about the report and property. He even took time to discuss some general home maintenance questions as well. I would gladly recommend John's services to anyone looking for a home inspector.
Kendall B.
Very detailed home inspection. Highly recommend!
Misty S.
We called John to simply ask questions regarding the radon reading after a home inspection on our sale property. He was so helpful and knowledgeable over the phone, we asked him to come give a quote. I was so upset after the radon inspection came back showing exposure! He calmed me down, explained what our levels meant, and reviewed the installation process. On questioning any additions, he said he COULD do those, but it would increase our cost unnecessarily. He was so helpful and flexible that when the radon levels came back on our purchase property, we called him ASAP to install one there as well. He was VERY professional, knowledgeable, honest, and helped us make decisions that would be cost-saving for US and to our family's benefit rather than what would merely increase his pocketbook. (Overprotective mother going overboard unnecessarily.) He did a FANTASTIC job and we are so very thankful for his information, flexibility, and professionalism. We DEFINITELY recommend his services!! Thank you, John!!!
juanelle G.
John is very professional with both his testing system and sharing the data. He does a thorough job of giving the consumer the choices for mitigation for both safety and aesthetic value in the property. I highly recommend the use of his work. He has installed several mitigation systems in Homes I have sold as a Realtor.
Travis S.
Before my radon mitigation system was installed my house was at 6.5 and afterwards it's averaging around 0.45. The install was quick and easy and the price that I was quoted.
John was very professional and prompt. He took the time to explain to us how our system works and gave us several options on how we can go forward in improving our sluggish radon system. We have found our new radon remediation company! We have had 2 different companies in the past but will continue to use Clarity in the future because of their professionalism and very caring demeanor, as well as recommend to our neighbors and friends. If you need radon remediation try Clarity first, it might save you a lot of time and money, you won't regret it.
David F.
John communicated well. He was up front on what the cost would be and what the results would be. He delivered on what he said needed to be done and did it in a timely manner. The results even turned a little better than he thought they would. I would definitely recommend him to others and I actually gave his name and number to a coworker today.
Sara W.
Scott C.
Radon levels have gone from 9-10 to less than 0.4. John was knowledgeable, timely, and easy to work with. Very professional. All work was clearly articulated and executed exactly as described. Would recommend to friends.
Brandon S.
If you need a detailed and professional inspection done, these are the people you want to do it. Like I said very detailed from the actual inspection to the report there was nothing he didn't cover. Also if you have any questions they are more than willing to help you out. I would 10/10 recommend!
Alton C.
Mary G.
John just installed my radon mitigation system Friday. Today he told me there was a 96% reduction in radon in my home! Great job! I’m sure the new owners will be happy as well!
Michelle S.
As a Realtor, I am always extremely happy when things are taken care of in a timely manner. John was wonderful about answering me and my clients questions, giving us options, and was very expedient. I highly recommend him to my clients.
Miles K.
John went above and beyond with our radon mitigation. He was personable, professional and did quality work. Thanks, John!
Charles R.
John demonstrated commitment to his work, as we had to cancel our first appointment. John quickly got us back on his schedule within 7 days from our first appointment.Assessment of our need regarding piping and sealant of our crawlspace came next. After a thorough assessment of our needs. John took me on a tour of the inner workings of my house and the dirt pack beneath it to explain what was needed and why.We had determined our need by doing our own Radon test and checking how prevalent increased Radon was in Kansas. The test showed our Radon level to be 4.9. About 98% of Kansas has a Radon level greater than 4.0.We were on John's schedule for Radon mitigation. John arrived on time and worked steadily, from 9 am until he was finished, around 6 pm. He cleaned his worksite in our basement. He explained how all of the equipment would work, prior to installation and demonstrated it in action, after installation.John had me re-check the Radon level (he provided the test kit) at 3 days. The Radon level with the mitigation plan working is less than 1.0!John was very patient despite encountering our 2 vicious(?) dogs (min-pin & dachshund) trying to protect their house from, a perceived attack from, John. lol's Excellent workmanship, very conscious of my need to know, and eager to make sure the system is working. I highly recommend Clarity Radon Mitigation service. Their price was very reasonable and they stand behind their work.
Mel D.
John Mattox of Clarity inspections went the extra mile to make sure our radon mitigation system performed up to his standards. Thanks to John the radon level is now well below the required levels.Thanks John!
Jimmy G
John was great! Easy install and very helpful in the close of a house. Would recommend!
Duane K.
Install went smoothly and great attention was given to making the system work effectively. I highly recommend Clarity Inspection for radon mitigation.
Dave M.
John did a good job, was knowledgeable, had everything on hand, and was done in one day.
Mike G.
John did a great job for us with our mitigation needs. We started out at 8 pCi/1 initially and we realized a 96% reduction down to 0.3pCi/1. John was very professional and explained the process thoroughly.I would highly recommend Clarity Inspections & Radon for all of your inspection and mitigation needs.
Trent S.
Very professional, on time and no surprises. John knows what he is doing and talking about and tells you everything with no surprises, gimmicks or pushy salesmanship. I was very please with the installation and the fact that he cleans up after his installation unlike so many other contractors that leave a mess after their installations. John does not do that, he cleans up after the job. I would recommend him to anyone needing a good quality RADON mitigation system installation.
Randel B.
We are very happy with the mitigation Clarity provided for us during the sale of our home. John is great to work with and knowledgeable. He met our specific home needs and was able to work with our realtor. The system installation went smoothly, works and looks great. Thank you John for your professional work!
Randel B.
I am very happy with the work Clarity provided for our radon mitigation. John is very knowledgeable and took into consideration our specific home needs. He worked with our realtor and met our closing deadline. John was easy to reach by phone and communicated with us throughout the process.
Tim N.
John has restored my faith in building inspectors! This was hands down the best home inspection we have ever had! John is a true professional in this line of work and well FIVE stars really isn’t enough but that’s all that’s available!
Paula B.
We had John out to do radon mitigation for us. He did a great job. He was neat and quick. The system looks great on the side of the house. We have a split level and he had to do two levels but the cost was reasonable. My husband is an engineer so John had to answer a lot of his questions. We are in Derby but John was willing to make the drive. Thanks John. Our home is much safer now.
Bobby M.
Job was very professionally done. John was very easy to work with and was very up front and transparent around price. I Will definitely be recommending him to others.
Leslie O.
He came out within a week to get my system fixed for me. Very polite and courteous and was able to work with me not being home. I really appreciated his flexibility!
Mike G.
Diane P.
I have used Clarity Radon several times for my Buyers and Sellers.John is very knowledgeable and precise . He also cares about the client and it more reasonably priced. He will ALWAYS be my go to guy for radon!Diane Z. Park , Broker 2019
Callista R.
John was wonderful to work with! We struggle to have good, quality radon mitigation in our area and he drove a good distance for us. Our levels were at a 6-7 and within 24 hours they had dropped to under 1! It’s been a week and our levels are staying at an average of 0.13. We utilize a Corentium radon detector in our home that keeps an eye on levels at all time. Couldn’t be more pleased with the results!!!John knows what he’s talking about and makes sure to take care of the people he does business with. If you’re looking a company who does a great, quality radon mitigation I’d recommend John!
Scott M.
I’m really happy with what John did. Our house had some radon level spikes that were still under the EPA threshold but I decided to instal a system since I have bedrooms in the basement. John talked me through the details on the phone for over half an hour and answered a ton of questions. I am an engineer and ask a lot of questions. The system was installed and works great. John is a straight forward and honest man. He is a family man that talked a lot about his family and their values. It is refreshing to work with someone in the contracting business that I fee like was trying to do his best and provide a good final product. I would recommend him to my friends without hesitation. Our radon levels have held steady and the system is quiet. John used quality products and made the appearance nice on the side of the house.
Mitch O
Very friendly. Was willing to work with me around my work schedule. Guarantees work and gives test to ensure levels have fallen after the work is done.
Kurt F.
John was very knowledgeable and thorough with the inspection, taking time to review his findings.
Gunner G.
John did a great job with my radon mitigation system. Very professional installation and reduced my radon levels beyond my expectations.
Anita C.
John Mattox at Clarity provides thorough, professional, quality service. He did our new home inspection and provided a very detailed report. During the process of purchasing our home, we discovered that radon mitigation was needed. He came in and installed the fan and system to take care of it (in the middle of a snowstorm, no less!) and when we found out that there was a crack in the basement floor that wasn't allowing for a solid seal, he came back and sealed the area. The radon is now much below recommended levels and we can feel safe and secure in our new house. Would definitely recommend him!
Kris G.
John was easy to work with and very thorough!
Jason S.
John does a great job with the Home inspections and Radon Testing. He is very thorough in his work and communicates his findings very well. He provides you with a very detailed inspection report not only with major items you need to fix right away but also with items you might consider fixing in the near future. I would definitely work with John again on our next home purchase. I recommend him to anyone that is looking at buying a home in the near future.
Erica W.
We hired John for our home inspection. He was very professional and the report was detailed. After the inspection, John took the time to show and explain the problems that he noted. Any questions we had were fully answered.
J B.
Josh was great to work with. Highly recommend.
Teema R.
John was competitive in his pricing, communicated well and delivered just as he promised. I definately would recommend!
Jessica M.
John was available to inspect very quickly and got the report written and returned 12 hours. His inspection seemed thorough and impartial.
Abu Gafar M H.
inspection was very details with images. I appreciate John Mattox, he agreed to come down here in Concordia, KS where it is very hard to find a professional and certified home inspector.
Eric M.
John did a great job on installing our radon system and explained how it works, very professional.
Michael F.
John was very professional and courteous when he came to test our home for radon. He was very knowledgeable and thorough with his reporting.
Vince W.
As a first time home buyer, I needed a company that would be precise and affordable. Clarity Home Inspections was both. John communicated very quickly with me and set up an appointment within a couple days. His report was extremely detailed and he communicated exactly what he saw while doing the inspection. I highly recommend Clarity Home Inspections to anyone.
Erica H.
Alisha G.
John was very thorough and detailed in his inspection and his report. I would definitely use him again!
jessica C.
John was amazing. He was very thorough, and went above and beyond. As home buyers it is important to us to make sure we are moving our family into a safe house free of mold, and with no major concerns. John took the time to review the entire inspection, not only covering things of concern, but pointing out the little items buyers don’t often think of. We can comfortable move our kids into our new home knowing Clarity Home Inspections was there!
juanelle G.
As a Realtor it’s important to my clients to present valuable options when it comes to home inspections. John has multiple certifications and gave detailed reports from top to bottom from being in the attic and on top of the roof to the basement mechanicals. He is a also an effective communicator in sharing the feedback with the customer too.
James O.
We enjoy country living and the old farm house we live in. But, we worried that with it may come the health risks of radon gas and mold.John Mattox with Clarity Home Inspections gave us peace of mind with the latest in radon testing and a very extensive, and detailed inspection of our entire home to pinpoint possible moisture entry points which could lead to mold and any current mold risks to deal with.John is on time, personable, knowledgeable and not pushy with any of his services.If you have a home to sell or if you want the peace of mind of knowing your radon gas risk or if there is mold to deal with in your home, give John a call.
Chad B.
John with Clarity Home Inspections did a fantastic job. He drove an hour each way to quote the job and the next day he drove an hour each way to do the job. John was competitive with local pricing but used the best materials. This mitigation was done as part of a real estate sale, John guarantees the parts and labor and the warranty transfers to the new owner. It was a pleasure doing business with Clarity Home Inspections.
Patty T.
We recently moved into an older home with a basement. After hearing that our son had tested for radon in their home recently with a high reading, we decided to test our basement. We purchased a kit and ran a test. After receiving a high reading (19), we contacted Clarity Home Inspections to talk to us about radon mitigation. We were told what needed to be done and what the work would entail. We agreed and work was done within a week and a second test was done. The radon level was now down to around 2.1. An acceptable reading.
We enjoy country living and the old farm house we live in but worry that with it my come the health risks of radon gas and mold.
John Mattox with Clarity Home Inspections gave us peace of mind with the latest in radon testing and a very extensive, and detailed inspection of our entire home to pinpoint possible moisture entry points which could lead to mold and any current mold risks to deal with.
John is on time, personable, knowledgeable and not pushy with any of his services.
If you have a home to sell or if you want the peace of mind of knowing your radon gas risk or if there is mold to deal with in your home, give John a call.
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