Get Your Free Radon Test Kit & $100 Discount

Available to homeowners in our service area (broadly Central Kansas). Request your free kit & secure your discount below:

How it Works

1. You fill out the form below.
2. We mail you a test kit with a link to instructions (including video) on how to use it.
3. You follow the simple instructions, do the 2 day test, and drop the test kit in the mail to the lab (pre-addressed and postage included).
4. The Lab will analyze the kit and email the results to us as a PDF.
5. We will forward this PDF on to you and call to make sure you understand the results.

Free Test & Discount Request Form

We just need your name, email, phone, and the address to be tested.
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If you have low radon then, good news! If not, we would be glad to provide you a free quote on fixing your radon levels.
Looking for instructions for your test kit? Click Below :)
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